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Misconceptions About Nonprofit Boards and Governance – Boardable Webinar

Misconceptions About Nonprofit Boards and Governance – Boardable Webinar is FREE courtesy of Boardable

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Is your board of directors confused about the role of a board member in relation to the board as a whole?
What are the responsibilities of a single board member versus the whole board? Can boards actually do fundraising as a whole? Are individual board members liable for governance?

Learn the answers to all these questions and much more in this discussion with nonprofit board veteran and expert, Simone Joyaux. Included in the webinar is a free handout and Q & A time with our guest.

Join us for a free webinar that clears up board misconceptions on November 18. “So much confusion! So many misconceptions! And the right people don’t know the right stuff.” –Simone Joyaux

SOME OF THE MISCONCEPTIONS CLEARED UP IN THE WEBINAR: What INDIVIDUAL board members are responsible for (hint: not the same thing as the BOARD) How to communicate expectations of the board role to new board members Sample board member job descriptions, commitment forms, and performance expectations Time for live Q & A with Simone and copies of the templates listed in previous bullet Register today, and don’t miss the discussions of these points. Webinar is free, but space is limited. Can’t attend live? Register to receive the replay and slide deck!

About Our Guest
I began my career in the nonprofit sector in 1975, serving as the executive director of an arts center and arts council in Lansing, Michigan. I served as chief development officer for Trinity Repertory Company (RI) from 1981 – 1988. I became a full-time consultant in January 1988.

As a volunteer, I’ve founded two organizations, the first iteration of a statewide arts advocacy organization in Rhode Island. And in 2000, I founded the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island, a social justice organization.

I regularly serve on boards – often ending up as chair. From 1999 through 2001, I served as Chair of the Board of CFRE International – the baseline credentialing program for fundraisers. During my tenure, the program achieved its independence and established itself internationally.

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