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Nonprofit Business Survival Bootcamp

This course brought to you by The Auerbach Global-Impact Foundation

4 lessons / $49 / 1 hour

This four-part video program covers the mindset and actions necessary for a business to survive, much of which is surprising to the first-time business owner. In this program, we cover:

  • The Two Most Important Key Survival Tips
  • The Business Survival Problem
  • Business Complexity Profiles
  • Key Performance Areas
  • The “Sets” of Business: Skillsets, Mindsets, and “Growthsets”
  • The Most Important Business Success Principles for Every Area of Business

There are few things more difficult than starting and growing a nonprofit and for the past 17 years, Paul Hoyt has been running his own company while helping other entrepreneurs and NGO leaders solve the problems and overcome the obstacles that come with growing theirs.  As a consultant, he helps his clients grow larger and faster. As a professional coach, he helps them stay focused, become better leaders, and perform at an optimal level. A bestselling author and with 50 years’ experience, Paul is an expert in creating financial models, writing strategic plans, developing growth strategies, and “getting stuff done”.