Get the Nonprofit Consulting Book

Get the Nonprofit Consulting Book that will Change How You Do Business!

What are your goals as a nonprofit consultant?nonprofit consulting book

  • Make a great living while doing important work for extraordinary clients?
  • Pick up extra money so you take a super-vacation, build your dream house, or buy an incredible toy!
  • Help meaningful organizations with your remarkable skills?
  • Maybe all of the above?

You already have great professional skills, like fundraising, board management, program delivery, or whatever you do! But the hard news is that being good at your skill isn’t good enough. To be a successful nonprofit consultant, you need more.

Start with the book: The ThinkNP Guide to Nonprofit Consulting. The ThinkNP Guide to Nonprofit Consulting is the bedrock of your nonprofit consultant success. From why you should, or shouldn’t become a nonprofit consultant, to how you find and keep the right clients for you, it covers exactly what you need to start, and more importantly, stay in business.