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Add Your Course or Webinar on Nonprofit.Courses!

Put your Course or Webinar on Nonprofit.Courses!

  • Have you created nonprofit oriented video, audio or written content? (If not, check out Course Creation for the Nonprofit Audience: a Kickstart.)
  • Are you looking for a greater audience for your content?
  • Do you see your content as a way of driving more people to your business, or to boost your career?
  • Do you want to attract nonprofit decision makers to you, like staff, volunteers and board members?

Ready to do it? Let's talk.

Nonprofit.Courses is a content aggregator website that links directly to free and paid e-learning opportunities for the nonprofit community.

How does Nonprofit.Courses work?

  • Nonprofit.Courses links directly to your content, whether that's on your website, or a third party's like YouTube, Vimeo, Skillshare or Teachable.
  • Since Nonprofit.Course links directly to our content, you're free to collect the names of your viewers through your own website's gateway.
  • If your content is offered free to your audience, it will remain that way on Nonprofit.Courses, and you won’t be charged to post it.
  • If you decide to charge for your content, no problem. It will be listed as a premium course and you can work out an affiliate agreement with Nonprofit.Courses.

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Why put your course on Nonprofit.Courses?

• Get found on the web:

  • Nonprofit.Courses is an easy domain name to remember and point your clients and audiences to.
  • Nonprofit courses will link to your website and video hosting channels (like YouTube) for better search engine optimization (SEO) for your website.
  • Your logo and link to your website will go on all your content, in addition to the Nonprofit.Courses Content Expert's page - and external links are a proven SEO asset.
  • Have you written a book that's on Amazon? Great! We'll link to that, too in our Bookstore.
  • Nonprofit.Courses will promote your course on social networks and through direct emails to its subscribers through it's regular "New Course Alerts."
  • Your Courses will be tagged with your name (or your business' name) so they're easily found.

• Get direct leads:

  • You get leads from people looking at other's content. By putting your course or webinar on Nonprofit.Courses, clients investigating the broad range of other courses available there can see your content, connect with it, and potentially become clients.
  • You get the contact information of everyone taking your course or webinar if you link to your own website's gateway page.
  • You establish yourself as a leader in your nonprofit-related discipline.
  • While we don't allow infomercials or product training videos, you are welcome to brand your content and even use your product or methods as educational examples.
  • The idea is to show off your work, and have people call you for doing what you showed so well in your course - and more!

What else?:

  • Passive income: A paid course (or "premium" as we call them), especially a popular course, can develop a nice stream of passive income.
  • You can turn down clients. Yes, you read that right. Have you had a possible client approach you that isn't exactly who you work with? Maybe they're too small, or their mission isn't the kind you serve. Rather than sending them away empty, and risking your reputation, send them to your Nonprofit.Courses videos for great information - from you, and others!

Want to start but not sure how?

FAQs/Frequently Asked Questions:

Why not just post my content on YouTube or Vimeo? Those channels are great, but all but the most popular videos get lost in a sea of billions of other postings. Nonprofit.Courses puts you where your audience knows where to look for courses relating to the nonprofit sector, and with other courses that they might be interested in taking, too.

Won’t having other consultant’s courses on the same platform diminish from mine? Having multiple consultants on one platform actually helps promote everyone’s courses. Think of an intersection that has two fast food options, multiple gas stations, or two big box home supply stores. They do it because it becomes the place for that kind of service. Everyone’s business increases because the customer sees a wide variety of options available in one place.

Can I restrict my content? Yes. Nonprofit.Courses can make your content password accessible.

Do I own the content? Yes. Nonprofit.Courses is only points to your content. You own all content and rights.

Can I take my course down when I want? Yes, you can take down your course or webinar at any time.

How is Nonprofit.Courses promoted? Nonprofit.Courses is promoted by its own mailing list of thousands, and by each contributor who posts a course.

Can I create my own Nonprofit.Courses channel? Our system of tags does that. If, for example, you've done webinars with several businesses that are on Nonprofit.Courses, all of them will be tagged with your name - and a URL that you can giev out to others.

Are CEU credits available for courses posted to Nonprofit.Courses? Yes, for some, and even more coming. See here.

How are payments arranged for courses on Nonprofit.Courses? The only courses that Nonprofit.Courses accepts direct payment for are those we produce. Otherwise, we encourage you to use an established platform, like Teachable, and then we'll link to that.

Let's see if putting your course or webinar on Nonprofit.Courses is right for you. 

Learn more about Nonprofit.Courses' business model, here.