Nonprofit.Courses Course Guidelines

Nonprofit.Courses Course Guidelines

Our Content Experts embrace these 10 Nonprofit.Courses Course Guidelines:

Not all content qualifies for a connection from Nonprofit.Courses. The first two points in Nonprofit.Courses Course Guidelines are the most important.

1) All Content MUST relate to nonprofits.

Our focus on nonprofits is why you're here. However, not all of what can make you successful is found in the nonprofit community.

For example, we have an excellent set of short videos on Millennials in the workplace. Since there is a major generational shift occurring among nonprofit leaders and staff, we thought that it was important to offer this information, whether it was labels "for nonprofits," or not.

2) All Content MUST be Educational.

Nonprofit.Courses is an education and training platform, so whether the content is two minutes or two hours, it needs to be educational first. Most of our Content Experts have in the past, or currently work in the nonprofit sector, so they understand the need. They enthusiastically embrace this approach.

3) Content MAY NOT be product testimonials, demonstrations or training of a Content Expert's own product.

There are no "infomercials." Our Content Experts agree that having content like this is what their own website is for, and that Nonprofit.Courses is educational.

4) We have no "exclusive providers" on any one subject.

Ever see a McDonald's opposite a Burger King, two gas stations on the same corner or a Lowes down the road from a Home Depot?

Yes, its counter-intuitive: they placed their business near their competitors for a reason. It brings in more business. That's because they both know that if you're looking for a certain product type, it's easier for you to go where you can find it all in one place - if not one business, then the other!

Nonprofit.Courses operates on the same idea. If you don't find what you need from one Content Expert, its easy to find another - and you'll remember and come back to the first when you need it someday.

5) Content MAY NOT be politically oriented.

We want content that helps any nonprofit, regardless of their cause to advocate. For example:

a) Good: Five ways your nonprofit can connect with your congressional representative.

b) Bad: Three ways to stop the policies of [whoever is in office now]!

6) Content MAY NOT be religiously evangelical.

The nonprofit sector has deep roots in communities of faith. We will offer content that's "agnostic" (yes, pun intended). It must apply broadly, and not try to "witness" about one's faith point of view.

7) Content MAY be branded.

We all have "brands" to identify ourselves, whether as a business or a person (our mothers just called it something different: your reputation.) You certainly want to know who provided that great video you loved so you can find more. Branding is the way to help.

8) Content MAY be a part of a Content Expert's "content marketing" strategy."

Content marketing is old and new.

It's old, because showing or telling someone how to do something was always a great way to prove you could help them with similar problems.

Content marketing is new because with the advent and popularity of the internet, there's no better place to show off your skills, and thus offer your services to others.

So consider that some of the content on Nonprofit.Courses is a way for Content Experts to provide good and valuable information as a way to not just help you, but to show you they they are experts in what they're presenting.

9) Content MAY direct learners to a website...

...for more information about a business - whether before you view their content (signing in to see their video, for example), or in the content, itself (as in "want more of what I'm talking about, go to my website to get the free document.")

Our Content Experts would love to be able to "talk" to you on an ongoing basis through there newsletter, for example. Please consider doing this as a way to support encourage and support their providing content to Nonprofit.Courses

10) Content production quality SHOULD be as high as the Content Expert is able to produce.

Don't worry. You won't find "robo-voices."

After years of discerning content for academic purposes, NpC President Matt Hugg has an eye for content that is easy to use.

However, please be tolerant of the production quality. Remember that those providing the education on Nonprofit.Courses are CONTENT Experts, not professional videographers, audio engineers or PowerPoint mavens.

A couple of more things...

Free vs. Premium

Free: Nonprofit.Courses is dedicated to having at least 50% of its content available for free (although some may require providing contact information to the Content Expert.)  What's great is that these free courses are really good. They're free because the Content Expert wants to show off their skills (see #8, Content Marketing, above) or they decided that it was important to their personal mission to make the content available at no cost.

Premium: Premium courses are those you pay for. These are great, too. They could be longer than most free courses, offer special insights or lead to earning continuing education credits.

While we have a small number of courses where you pay Nonprofit.Courses directly, most transactions are through the Content Expert's site.

It's important for you to know that nearly all of the paid courses are under "affiliate agreements," which means that a portion of your fee comes back to Nonprofit.Courses. We hope you support those courses, since:

  • The course's price is no different than going direct to the source.
  • The money helps keep Nonprofit.Courses up and running.
  • The Content Expert sees value in adding more content to Nonprofit.Courses.

As for what the Content Experts say... remember, they are presenting their opinions.

You have no obligation to follow them, and you might find a contrary opinion in the next video, podcast or book. While we at Nonprofit.Courses do our best to connect you to good information, it is the Content Expert, not Nonprofit.Courses who is responsible for that information. By using the website, you agree to these conditions. (see more on our use policy here.) Oh, and we reserve the right to bend the guidelines if it seems the right thing to do.

Have a question? No problem. Pop us a note.

Thanks for learning more about Nonprofit.Courses.

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