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Nonprofit Gifts in Wills with Ligia Pena, by 1832 Communications

Nonprofit Gifts in Wills with Ligia Pena is FREE content courtesy of 1832 Communications

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Ligia Pena is a global legacy giving expert. Through her company Globetrotting Fundraiser (https://globetrottingfundraiser.com), she is helping nonprofits understand the value in investing in tomorrow and not just thinking about today. In this episode Ligia discusses

– why it should be called “gifts in wills” 
– surprise surprise! Which of your current donors should you be targeting for gifts in wills?
– whether you need to be a lawyer or accountant to develop a gifts in wills program 
– what the gifts in wills page on your website must contain and
– the difference between major gifts and gifts in wills.

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