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Nonprofit Governance Coaching with Kim Donahue – Live Q&A – Boardable is FREE courtesy of Boardable

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Running a nonprofit board effectively is a never-ending challenge. Just a few of your goals include: keeping board meetings interesting, managing new member orientation, and inspiring existing board members to greatness. Do you ever wish you could ask an expert for advice? Coach Kim is here to help.

This webinar took place on April 11, 2019. Sponsored by Boardable Board Management Software, we took questions from attendees ahead of time and had Coach Kim Donahue answer the live. Here is a list of board management and nonprofit governance questions that were asked during the webinar, with time stamps on where you can go to hear the answers:

Question 1 at @1:45 – Kate asks: “As a very small nonprofit (under $10k annually) what are some effective ways to cultivate and ask a stakeholder to serve on your board?”

Question 2 at @3:55 – Wendy asks: (paraphrased) “I am a director of a foundation formed solely to raise private funds for a public school athletic field complex. Many of our board members are school officials and district parents. I am concerned about conflict of interest, and have been advised to remove some of these members. My question is how?”

Question 3 at @7:30 – Joseph asks: “Do you have a recommended strategy or process for initiating and conducting a ‘capital campaign’?”

Question 4 at @9:50 – Kathleen asks: “How do you decide appropriate number of board members for an NGO?”

Question 5 at @12:30 – Evelyne asks: “Should I make my board sign a contract? If yes, what should be included?”

Question 6 at @16:25 – Jane asks: “How to encourage board members to embrace change in an organization. Ex.: we need to focus more on fundraising, & to recognize sponsors for our various events. But committee chairs don’t want sponsor names shown at their events. Some of these are held at private citizen’s homes, in recognition of their rehabilitation efforts.”

Question 7 at @21:20 – Sophia asks: (paraphrased) “Is it common for board members to be asked to volunteer for every fundraising event like serving beer at a festival, setting up & cleaning up for a party? Not sure if I am a board member or looked at as a volunteer. I have more to offer than just physical labor but I feel like this is what the non-profit expects.”

Question 8 at @24:10 – Laura asks: “How do you get volunteer board members to follow best practices, or to commit more….to events?”

Question 9 at @28:15 – Kemi asks: “Should there be a initial (board) meeting before you become a 501c3?”

Question 10 at @31:22 – Jessica asks: “Share best practices for nominating committee and keeping integrity in that process.”

More About “Coach Kim” Donahue
Over her 30+ years in the nonprofit sector, Kim has facilitated more than 1,000 workshops and planning sessions for nonprofit organizations including sessions on board development, grant writing, program outcomes, and leadership skills for board and staff.

Kim has served as a nonprofit employee, volunteer and board member. She has taken advanced training in the areas of board development, fundraising, appreciative inquiry, facilitation, coaching and strategic planning. Continuing education for Kim has included BoardSource, The Fundraising School at Indiana University’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, Bluepoint Leadership and Leadership Strategies.

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