Nonprofit Marketing- how to tell your organization’s story, by Courageous Communications

Nonprofit Marketing- how to tell your organization’s story is FREE courtesy of Courageous Communications

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I know you’ve been there. Someone asks the question you think it must be the easiest to share…so what does your organization do? And the rush of answers comes across your brain: all the programs, people, outcomes…and there’s a mental traffic jam and the story gets stuck in your head.

So how can you share your story quickly, easily and in a way that engages your listener? Here’s a simple three-step process to tell the story. BONUS! This can be used for your organization’s story or any story. This technique also teaches you how to HEAR others’ stories so you can understand and remember them.

The technique is called MESS-MOMENT-MISSION and in this video, I share how to do this and use my own mess, moment and mission….how a mess in my life turned into a moment of clarity that then shaped my book and business, and the mission I am on to revolutionize the nonprofit industry.

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