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Nonprofit Startup Essentials, Handling money to build trust

Brought to you FREE courtesy of Aashi Mital, Pivotal Solutions & Matt Hugg, Nonprofit.Courses

4 Lessons / FREE / 65 minutes

Are you looking to turn a tragedy into something meaningful?

  • Do you have a heart to change the lives of people?
  • Do you want to share your passion with everyone?

Then maybe you thought… or someone suggested…  that you start a nonprofit!

Great idea? 

  • If you start out right, you might just, literally, save the world. 
  • If you start out wrong, you could be in for years of headaches and grief – or worse! 

Join Aashi Mital and Matt Hugg in four insightful sessions to get you started right!

Session 4: Handling money to build trust, accomplish your mission and stay out of trouble

If you could prevent a problem today that could kill your dream tomorrow, would you do it? Of course. 

Yet how many times this year, this month, maybe even this week have you seen a “nonprofit gone bad’ in the news because of poorly handling their money. Bad financial practices could be the number obstacle between your nonprofit and the people who love your mission.

This is actually Lesson 4, Part 4. There is no Part 5.