Earn a nonprofit training certificate at Nonprofit.Courses!

Focus your nonprofit training with certificates!

Get a nonprofit training certificate! Your clients, your mission and your nonprofit deserve the best trained staff. Your career does, too.

Why a Nonprofit Training Certificate?

Getting a certificate program pulls together individual educational threads into a comprehensive view of whatever subject you need to move your nonprofit forward. It shows your expertise and interest in advancing your nonprofit's mission.

Nonprofit Focused and Nonprofit Helpful

Like the content across Nonprofit.Courses, you'll find certificates that are nonprofit focused and those that are nonprofit helpful.

What's that mean?

Nonprofit focused certificates educate you in subjects that are unique to the nonprofit sector, like fundraising, grantwriting and the nonprofit aspects of management and more.

Nonprofit helpful certificates tackle subjects that nonprofits and everyone else needs, too, such as human resources, leadership, office management and much, much more.

What will a certificate do for my Career?

Nonprofit training certificates not only build your skills, they give others confidence in your expertise! Earning a certificate makes you more valuable by you show dedication to your work and your nonprofit's mission. If you're looking for a job, a certificate indicates your expertise to your potential employer, and builds their confidence in hiring you.

Can't I just take courses?

Sure. And we encourage that at Nonprofit.Courses. But a certificate organizes that course work in a meaningful way. Showing your certificate credentials is a great shorthand for people to understand that you know you stuff, rather than listing all your courses separately.

Can I show my certificate on LinkedIn?

Yes! Just about all the certificates come with badges you can post on your LinkedIn profile of elsewhere to show your expertise! Here's an example from one of our partners, MindEdge: MindEdge Offers Badges from Badgr

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes. All nonprofit training certificates are paid programs that generate affiliate commissions for Nonprofit.Courses. Don't worry. They don't cost you any more than their regular price - and their payment to Nonprofit.Courses helps us bring thousands of videos, podcasts and documents to you, every day.

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