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(While you are welcome to hear the introductions, the real heart of the video starts at about the 5:15 mark.)

Are you taking advantage of one of the major benefits of your nonprofit status – the ability to engage a workforce without the obligation to pay them?

Volunteers are critical supporters that can help fulfill your mission, conduct important internal work, assist in your public facing events, and even generate revenue! They really are nonprofit magic! Without good volunteer planning and management, these partners can cost you money, suck up your time and amp up the drama. While volunteerism also extends to your governing body, this session will focus on volunteers that work in your operation, rather than serve as volunteer leaders.

Participating in this program will help you reap the benefits, and avoid the hazards, of coordinating an excellent volunteer management program. In this engaging presentation, you’ll learn:

  • the benefits of volunteers (hint: it’s more than free labor);
  • the hidden costs of volunteers;
  • how you can get the most out of volunteers.