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Nonprofit’s Guide to Fundraising Audits, by Keela

Nonprofit’s Guide to Fundraising Audits is FREE courtesy of Keela

Sam Laprade, CFRE, Director of Gryphon Fundraising

Learn How To Audit Your Fundraising Campaigns And Unearth Hidden Opportunities

Regardless of their size, nonprofit organizations need to regularly perform fundraising audits to assess their fundraising efforts, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and identify growth opportunities. 

In this webinar, nonprofit professionals will learn tips on how to raise more money by evaluating their current fundraising performance and using the data they’ve gathered to meet their organization’s goals. They’ll learn how to measure key fundraising metrics, gather feedback from their team and donors, and successfully audit their programs and campaigns.

About the Speaker:
Sam loves to connect people! As a professional fundraiser. Sam works closely with generous donors to impact some of the most vulnerable people in her community and country.

Over a 30-year period, Ms. Laprade has shared the importance of donor database analytics with fundraising professionals worldwide and raised money for important charities in her community such as: The Ottawa Hospital Foundation, the Ottawa Humane Society and the Ottawa Mission Foundation.

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