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In its 2016 Data Book the IRS reported that there are 1.8 million registered nonprofit organizations. And, that number just keeps growing. 86,915 were added in 2015; another 79,545 were added in 2016. This means more nonprofits are needing donor dollars. Every nonprofit leader is doing everything they can to optimize their organization’s revenue by differentiating themselves from the competition increasing.

Let me introduce you to Peter Miragliotta, Jr., he has a unique occupation in the nonprofit world, a specialist in understanding how nonprofits can attract more donors through Charity Watchdog profiles. Many nonprofits are missing this way to attract and retain donor support, optimizing their Charity Watchdog profiles.

“52% of donors said the presence of a charity watchdog seal would greatly or moderately increase their likelihood of giving; 84% said the absence of a seal would decrease their giving.” (July 2014 The Able Altruist newsletter survey of 3,861 randomly selected donors)

In this video Peter takes us through the various watchdogs, which ones you qualify for and how to apply.

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