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Painless Prospecting

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Fee depends upon complexity; however, most LOIs land at $500- $750.


Through Painless Prospecting, Black Fox Philanthropy serves as a highly

skilled short-term extension of your staff, making it financially accessible to organizations in the trenches of fundraising that need added bandwidth to uncover new grantors through extensive funder research.


Objective: The first key to fundraising success is a robust pipeline of funding prospects who share your vision for a better world. With a keen understanding of your fundraising goals and current pipeline, we will develop a pipeline of potential new funders for your organization. We provide a targeted list of highly actionable potential funders that have the best possible chance of funding you – your Best Fit Funders, or “BFFs” – along with strategy and insight for how to approach each of these funders (even ones that do not accept unsolicited proposals). We also provide you with a larger universe of potential funders that match your mission, geographic scope and other important indicators of a potential funding relationship.

It is our goal to find you the strongest possible leads and set you up for success with new foundation funders. It is important to note however that building new relationships with funders requires time. There is no “silver bullet” for success and establishing yourself with foundation funders requires patience and professional persistence. Yet, we know the largest hurdle for many non-profits is knowing where and how to start, which is why this type of engagement with Black Fox Philanthropy can save your organization valuable time, bolster your existing pipeline, help jump-start a new development-hire, and up the odds for successful outcomes.

Deliverable: Funder Pipeline

Through data requests and conversations, Black Fox Philanthropy will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your current funding pipeline, including funders who have funded your organization in the past, funders who have declined to fund you, and funders that are already on your radar. Excluding these funders, Black Fox Philanthropy will develop a pipeline of new funder prospects, based on key characteristics you seek in new funders. Out of these, we will identify your “BFFs,” or Best Fit Funders. The lens through which BFP will determine the Best-Fit Funders is:

Ability: Black Fox Philanthropy determines ability through an analysis of funder assets, the capability to give at a certain level, a demonstrated track record of analogous giving at that level, and whether the potential funder is likely to continue to give at that level.

Interest: Black Fox Philanthropy assesses whether the funder has a demonstrated track record of funding in your stage of growth, geography, the theory of change, and issue area – including uncovering analogous gifts to others in your field.

Many foundation funders publish that they do not accept unsolicited proposals. This can be discouraging, and often feel like a “dead end” to potential applicants. Painless Prospecting offers clients insights and guidance on how best to pursue these funders, with specific knowledge about individual foundations where available.

Your Painless Prospecting engagement includes phone support with seasoned fundraising strategists to support you through challenges and roadblocks. It also includes two (2) 30-minute meetings via phone or videoconference 6 and 12 months after the pipeline is delivered to check in on progress and serve as a thought partner to help move the pipeline forward.

Time and Financial Investment: One-month engagement; $3,750


Objective: To prepare you for outreach to your organization’s top funder candidates.

Deliverable: Developing Core Messaging and Materials Template

Skilled Black Fox Philanthropy team members will work with you to hone core messaging and equip you with an initial email template, letter template, and phone script for your use to initiate relationships with funders.

Time and Financial Investment:One-month engagement; $1,500


Objective: Create a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) submission for each invitation secured.

Deliverable: Our team of professional grant writers will craft a short for each funder that invites your organization to apply and complete any preliminary online application that the funder requires.

Time and Financial Investment: 10-15 business days per LOI; however, shorter deadlines will be accommodated when possible. Fee depends upon complexity; however, most LOIs land at $500- $750.

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