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Part 5. Email and Coffee: ESPs Which do you recommend?, by Flourish & Grit

Part 5. Email and Coffee: ESPs Which do you recommend? is FREE courtesy of Flourish & Grit

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The right message at the right time to the right customer.

That’s how email marketing has been positioned for YEARS.

Somehow, magically show up in the inbox RIGHT when your customer needs another reminder you’re there to help with their first purchase, next purchase, or renewal.

But how and when and (most importantly) WHY?

Joi Brooks, host of Email and Coffee, and 20+ year veteran in the email marketing industry, interviewed myself, Emily McGuire, Founder & Chief Email Marketer here at Flourish & Grit, and Ada Barlatt, Founder and Chief Analytics Officer of Operations Ally.

In this 14 part series (don’t worry the videos are between 3 and 7 minutes each), we talk through everything you need to know to start targeting customers at their specific point in their customer journey with email marketing.

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