How to Work as a Consultant in the Gig Economy

Have you ever considered becoming a consultant? A consultant is someone who provides skills, a service or expert advice to others. For some professionals, this can be a new way to stay busy and earn income – especially when full-time employment opportunities are not available. This presentation highlights the benefits and differences between employed vs. contract engagements. Among the areas of discussion will be:

  • Do I need to create a company or business entity, and what are some options?
  • Do I need to acquire business insurance?
  • Determine how to set the rate I should charge.
  • Ways to purchase health insurance, if needed.
  • Do I need to collect sales tax?
  • Ways to acquire clients and new business.

You will learn the steps to pursue working successfully as a consultant. Please join us for this practical, dynamic webinar!

Designing a Healthy, Happy and Fulfilling Retirement

The pandemic is forcing many boomers to rethink their retirement plans. Some are being forced to exit careers earlier than they expected, while others just want to “call it quits” on full-time work.

What most people are unaware of is that transitioning to a successful retirement is much more than a math problem – it’s a design problem. All retirees needs to design lifestyles that will work for them based on their own unique values, needs and wants – and then ensure that they’ll have sufficient retirement cash-flow to finance those lifestyles. The challenge is that most retirees don’t know what they need and want, or how to get it.

In this informative webinar, you will learn:

  • How the author made all the classic retirement mistakes and ended-up in “retirement hell”
  • Nine retirement principles for a healthy, fulfilling, meaningful retirement
  • Important retirement lessons that the pandemic has taught us
  • The vital process of retirement lifestyle design

After attending this webinar, you will think about retirement differently. You will no longer see retirement as the finish-line after all those years of working – but rather as a starting-line, a new beginning and a chance at an awesome “second life” based on an optimum mix of work, play and adventure!