PM Skills Interpersonal Skills for Project Leadership

PM Skills™: Interpersonal Skills for Project Leaders

Successful project leaders understand that, to help their teams meet their objectives, they’ll need to employ solid leadership and interpersonal skills that aid and empower the team’s members. They’ll have to apply sound delegation and facilitation strategies that allow the project staff to stay focused and remain on task. They’ll need to make use of strong conflict resolution and negotiations training to address any issues that could hinder team production. And they’ll have to demonstrate ethical leadership and compliance qualities that project participants can look to to guide their decisions and actions.

This self-paced, fully online course will help learners explore the key leadership and interpersonal skill set project leaders use to oversee projects and organize teams successfully. They’ll get an overview of the behaviors that support project management, which will allow them to productively address problems, keep teams on track, and build trust among their coworkers, colleagues, and stakeholders.

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