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PMA Consulting Helps Nonprofit Leaders

How does PMA Consulting Helps Nonprofit Leaders? Our mission is to guide nonprofit leaders as they navigate opportunities and challenges in an ever-changing world.  Let us know how we can help achieve the goals you've set for your nonprofit this year.

We Can Help You and Your Nonprofit

Our services are structured around two key organizational elements - Strategy and Talent. We're going to identify your points of pain, build a plan to knock them out, and give you the resources you need to be at your best.

Patton McDowell headshotPatton McDowell has spent his entire 30-year career helping talented individuals raise more funds and effectively lead their nonprofit organizations.  After founding PMA in 2009, he and his colleagues have worked with the leaders of over 240 organizations in every nonprofit sector including education, healthcare, arts & culture, and human services.  Patton particularly enjoys designing strategic plans, expanding fundraising programs, and coaching staff and volunteer board leaders.

Before starting PMA Consulting, he spent a decade in higher education as Vice President for Queens University after serving in the same role at UNC Wilmington, where he was the youngest vice chancellor in the UNC system.  Prior to his tenure in higher education, he worked with volunteers from 85 different counties as the state Program Director for Special Olympics North Carolina (Raleigh, NC), and as an Assistant for Education & Training for Special Olympics International in Washington DC, where he helped design coach and volunteer training curriculum used worldwide.

Hear the Podcast!

Your path to nonprofit leadership podast with Patton McDowell

Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership Podcast

On Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership Podcast, Dr. Patton McDowell of PMA Consulting brings the best in professional development and ...
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