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Post-Mortem Estate Planning, by Lorman

Post-Mortem Estate Planning is brought to you by Lorman

Gain an understanding of how income tax and estate planning are affected once a client passes away.

Attorneys for fiduciaries of estates and testamentary trusts must provide proper advice to their fiduciary clients. In addition, the fiduciary client and the beneficiaries of the estate or trust expect that the attorney will be able to save them taxes or headaches in the future. This topic will give the fiduciary the vocabulary, and tools, to limit their liability and defer taxes of the estate or trust. It will also help beneficiaries of the estate or trust who may be unfairly impacted by unexpected events, tax laws, or poor or thoughtless estate planning by the decedent. This material will also aid the practitioner with tools for dealing with estates with cash liquidity issues.

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