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Pro Bono Practice: Ethical and Loss Prevention Concerns, by Lorman

Pro Bono Practice: Ethical and Loss Prevention Concerns is brought to you by Lorman

Learn practical considerations and concerns that can be associated with pro bono work.

Many people who make the decision to become a lawyer, do so in the interest of justice, and to help those who cannot help themselves. As a lawyer, pro-bono can be a worthwhile and rewarding process. Helping others within the realms of your legal expertise provides challenge and reward that transcends financial gain. How to effectively represent a pro-bono client, while ensuring you are protecting their rights and balancing your own case load may lead to ethical considerations that must be addressed. This topic will advise the attorney on what pro-bono representation is comprised of, various duties between attorney and client, errors and omission protection, and various other issues surrounding pro-bono representation.

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