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Prospecting for Government Grants, by Lorman

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The Federal government spends more than double on grants and other types of assistance than it does on contracts. Companies and other entities, however, often have a harder time finding and applying for grants as compared to finding and competing for contracts. Moreover, Federal grants, like Federal contracts, are highly regulated and subject to oversight by multiple government branches and agencies. In recent years, Federal grants have come under increased scrutiny by awarding agencies, regulators, law enforcement, and private whistleblowers. This environment has created enhanced compliance and enforcement risks for Federal grant recipients and sub-recipients. This topic helps persons at institutions seeking to obtain Federal grant monies understand the current Federal grant environment. The information also explains some ways to search and apply for Federal grants. Lastly, this material highlights key risk areas for Federal grantees and offers insights on how to avoid the most common grant-related pitfalls. This information is critical for anyone interested in pursuing Federal grants or who already receives Federal grant funding.

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