Raise More Money from Your Business Community

Raise More Money from Your Business Community, by Linda Lysakowski

Raise More Money from Your Business Community is FREE courtesy of Linda Lysakowski

There is a deep, underappreciated source of funding just waiting for you in a game-changing strategy that will rapidly take your organization to the next level in fundraising. Hint: It’s not the usual “textbook” source of funding.

What if your organization can attract significant new funding from the business community? Intrigued?

Let me show you how to build relationships with business leaders, present your case to businesses, cultivate business leaders, run volunteer-driven business appeals, and much more to successfully raise money from your business community.

I’ve used this methodology to take an organization from raising $6,000 a year from local businesses to raising $500,000 from that same business community. How did I do it? I’ll show you how, step by step.

We’ll start by learning what kinds of businesses in your community are likely to support your nonprofit. I’ll show you how to present a case for support for companies that shows your economic impact on the community. You will also learn how to set up and run an annual business appeal using peer business volunteer leaders. And you will learn to analyze your results so that you can build on your success and raise even more money.

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