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Reference Checking and Education Verification Compliance, by Lorman

Reference Checking and Education Verification Compliance is brought to you by Lorman

Make sure you are in compliance when checking up on applicants’ references, education, and salary history.

This material reviews legal and effective techniques for the reference checking processes including how to verify education, and spot worthless degrees and phony employment credentials. It will also cover the legal landscape concerning past employment references, including an employer’s potential liability when providing information. Other topics include best practices when asking for past employment information and helpful insights and best practices in obtaining past employment references. Other areas will include special issues such as handling verification of current employment, what to do if the past employer no longer exists, military employment and dealing with employment databases. New technologies and approaches will also be reviewed such as verifications by email, as well as special issues involving international credentials and the role of social media sites and Web 2.0 in the process. This topic will examine the new trend towards prohibiting inquiries about past salary, and how employers can comply with these new requirements.

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