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Responding to Negative Employee Comments on the Web, by Lorman

Responding to Negative Employee Comments on the Web is brought to you by Lorman

Gain an understanding of strategies needed to address negative employee social media.

Our workplace is no longer limited to the four corners of our worksite and instead expands into the unwieldy terrains of the cloud and cyberspace. The law has been very slow to catch up to technology needs in this area, which means employers deal with numerous concerns about regulating the e-workplace within the confines of difficult and unhelpful regulations. This topic will provide an overview of federal and state laws governing social media in the workplace (during and after employment). In addition, we will discuss how to implement a strong social media policy that can be legally enforced against current employees whenever their conduct reasonably relates to the workplace. This material will discuss helpful social media clauses to include in separation agreements to prevent disgruntled employees from ranting on social media about their prior employment. Finally, this information will thoroughly discuss how to challenge negative social media posts when they appear, including which websites and types of posts are worth the investment to challenge.

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