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Scaling Impact with the $10k/month Google Ad Grant, by Achieve

Scaling Impact with the $10k/month Google Ad Grant is FREE courtesy of Achieve

1 Lesson / 41 Minutes / FREE

Drive awareness, promote events, engage donors, and more by taking advantage of the Google Ad Grant. Learn how leading nonprofits are using the $10,000/month Google Grant to expand their impact in our increasingly digital world. 

Get the distilled insights from Grant Hensel, CEO of Nonprofit Megaphone, an agency that exclusively helps 501(c)(3) organizations maximize the power of the $10,000/month Google Ad Grant and proudly serves 400+ nonprofit clients all over the world. 

You’ll learn:

  • The process of acquiring the Google Grant
  • How different types of nonprofits utilize their Grant
  • The structure of Ad Accounts
  • How to reach your customer with Google Ads
  • How to ready your website to optimize your benefits

Do not miss out on this informative presentation that includes free tools built by Nonprofit Megaphone to help your nonprofit increase its impact!

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