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Scrum Basics for Nonprofits

February 2 @ 4:00 am - 6:00 am CST

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Learn the Scrum framework basics so you can begin to create twice the impact in half the time.

About this Event


Nonprofits are ALWAYS being asked to do more with less. That is unlikely to change. What you can change though is the way that you approach your work. That is why our team of trainers who come from the nonprofit field with a wide range of specialties want to help YOU understand the basics of the Scrum framework and the Agile principles so that you can think about how to use both to create twice the impact in half the time of your own organization.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why nonprofits should use the Scrum framework
  • The Agile values and principles;
  • The five Scrum values and explain how they relate to one another;
  • The 3 roles in Scrum;
  • The 5 Scrum events;
  • The 3 Scrum artifacts; and
  • How other nonprofits have implemented Scrum in their organizations.


What You Can Expect from Your Agile in Nonprofits Instructor:

  • 2 hours of instruction to help you learn the Scrum framework and how to use the framework in your organization to create more impact, faster;
  • A learning environment focused on teaching you the learning objectives to achieve licensure while giving real-world nonprofit case studies to show you how other nonprofit organizations have implemented the Scrum framework;
  • Engaging video presentation style; and
  • Access to the instructor(s) for answering your questions both during the class and afterward.

What We Expect from Participants:

  • Your video should be on during class;
  • Active participation in full group discussions via chat or verbally;
  • A willingness to learn; and
  • A desire to help nonprofits create impact faster.


On Your Computer, Phone or Tablet


Agile in Nonprofits

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