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Simple Peer to Peer Fundraising Ideas You Can Use in 2021 – Boardable Webinar

Simple Peer to Peer Fundraising Ideas You Can Use in 2021 – Boardable Webinar is FREE courtesy of Boardable

1 Lesson / 41 Minutes / FREE

Have you been wondering how to implement peer-to-peer fundraising, but need some simple ideas to get started? We’ve got you covered! How can you harness the power of your individual donors to raise money on your behalf, while strengthening the relationship between your nonprofit and those donors at the same time? The answer is peer-to-peer fundraising.

Join us to learn about what peer-to-peer fundraising is, how it works, its benefits, and different types of peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns that you can implement with the P2P veterans at Bonfire.

At the end you’ll have a framework for how to plan your own fundraiser as well as actual examples to build your ideas from as you plan for 2021.

Join us for a free webinar that will give you P2P ideas on December 15.
– An overview of peer-to-peer fundraising basics
– How to implement P2P in your fundraising mix
– How to improve your own fundraisers by adding peer-to-peer ideas to it
– Examples of successful peer-to-peer fundraisers for coming up with your own ideas
– Time for live Q & A with the Bonfire team Register today, and don’t miss the discussions of these points. Webinar is free, but space is limited. Can’t attend live? Register to receive the replay and slide deck!

About Our Guests
Reagan Thatcher and David Adley join us from Bonfire. Founded in 2012, Bonfire began as an easy solution for communities to fundraise online with t-shirts. We’ve helped thousands of individuals, groups, and nonprofits raise money for the causes they care about. Now, we’ve expanded our services to anyone looking to print or sell apparel, totes, hats, mugs, and more.

Bonfire is a free online platform where anyone can design, sell, and buy custom products. We handle payment processing, order fulfillment, and customer service so you can focus on connecting with your community.

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