How Your Board Should Work

Nonprofit Startup Essentials, Lesson 1:

Know Your Why: Looking Beyond Your Passion to Start Off Right

  • Are you looking to turn a tragedy into something meaningful?
  • Do you have a heart to change the lives of people?
  • Do you want to share your passion with everyone?

Then maybe you thought… or someone suggested…  that you start a nonprofit!

Great idea? 

  • If you start out right, you might just, literally, save the world.
  • If you start out wrong, you could be in for years of headaches and grief – or worse! 

Join Aashi Mital and Matt Hugg in four insightful sessions to get you started right!

Part 1: Know your Why: Look beyond your passion to start off right

Nonprofits are all about passion, right? There’s a problem in the world and you’re doing your part to fix it! 

Yes… and so much more.

Whether your nonprofit is an unshared dream, starting down the path to reality, or just learning to walk before it runs (no matter how old it is!) , you need to know your “why” and so much more. 

In this kickoff to our four-part series, you’ll see what you need beyond your passion to make your passion sing!

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