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Start your Planned Giving in 2021, by Givebutter

Start your Planned Giving in 2021 is FREE courtesy of Givebutter

1 Lesson / 64 Minutes / FREE

Get this off your to-do list! Too many small- and mid-size nonprofits are intimidated by Planned Giving.

You don’t need a lawyer, a lot of time, or a big budget to get results.

Make 2021 the year you take action and start your Planned Giving program! In this free Givebutter Webinar, our special guest speaker is an attorney, but he didn’t talk like one. In plain language, Tony Martignetti helped us understand:

✍️ What Planned Giving is
πŸ‘€ Who are your best prospects
πŸ“ Where to start your Planned Giving program
πŸ“’ How to promote your new program

Then, he left plenty of time to answer questions.

This webinar is designed for nonprofits that are at least 5 years old and have individual donors – but it’s also a great way for newer nonprofits to prepare for the future.

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