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Storytelling for Better Fundraising, by Qgiv

Storytelling for Better Fundraisingis FREE courtesy of Qgiv

1 Lesson / 68 Minutes / FREE

A powerful story makes your case in an unforgettable way that can dramatically grip your donor and engage them in your cause. Are you telling your donors stories that inspire them to get involved?

Dig into the art of nonprofit storytelling and see how it affects fundraising! Join us as Rachel Muir, CFRE, shares tons of best practices and examples that will help you build a story of your own. If you join this webinar, you’ll see:

  • Storytelling before/after makeovers
  • The winning ingredients for a great story
  • Tips on nurturing a great pipeline of stories
  • Unique formats for sharing great stories with your donors that fulfill donor’s desires to feel appreciated, included and in the know.

If you’re looking for fun, creative storytelling ideas that will inspire and delight your donors, this is a must-see webinar!

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