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At Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., we believe that truly effective philanthropy is a partnership between our team of committed professionals and our clients. That working together we can achieve measurable social return on charitable investments driven by transparency, best practices, knowledge and creativity.

All of this can only happen when there is thoughtful conversation, clearly defined focus and mission, and, where appropriate, cutting-edge proprietary technology is used to track, manage, and report charitable activities.

We continually seek new and better ways to support donors.

Whatever your motivation; bringing family members together around shared values, building on your grantmaking by using other financial resources to accelerate the impact of your giving, or making a major gift to an institution or organization—having the right partner with whom to collaborate is critically important.

Hear the Podcast!

Giving Insights® Podcast

Giving Insights® Podcast

Giving Insights® Podcast is the new name for the monthly Podcast Series produced by Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd. Every month the ...
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