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    1. “Content” as discussed below includes any means of information transfer from the provider to the consumer, including but not limited to video, audio, electronic or paper documents, and books.
    2. You own the content provided to HuggDotNet LLC.
    3. You have the right to give permission to use the content on websites operated by HuggDotNet LLC.
    4. Any third-party instructor or content provider appearing in your content is your responsibility alone and falls under the terms of this agreement and agrees to these terms.
    5. You will provide information on anyone appearing in your content, including a photographic headshot, biography of 250 words or less, and contact information which includes phone number, email address, social media links and website. These will be used for publicity purposes. (This information will go onto any “instructor” pages and will be used to promote your content externally, to potential customers.)
    6. You will provide descriptions of your content. HuggDotNet, LLC may change any descriptions of your content to meet marketing requirements. (This information will be used to describe the content to customers and potential customers on the Nonprofit.Courses website, social media and any advertising.)
    7. If there are any issues with the content, including but limited to copyright infringement or plagiarism, HuggDotNet LLC will not be held liable.
    8. The opinions and methods discussed in the content are yours alone, or if not, that you have received permission to use them and properly attributed them.
    9. HuggDotNet LLC only acts as the host and/or provide and an access point to the content. It does not produce or direct your content unless engaged to do so under a separate agreement.
    10. HuggDotNet LLC will not modify the provided content except to divide it into smaller sections for ease of consumption, or to shorten the content where clearly, there is excess content not related to the subject matter addressed (for example, miscellaneous discussions at the start or end of a video).
    11. You will provide any supplemental content necessary for the complete consumption of your primary content. (For example, if you refer to a worksheet in your video, you’ll provide the worksheet.)
    12. HuggDotNet LLC has permission to provide supplemental content to introduce or otherwise explain processes related to the consumption of your content. (For example, if a video requires in an introduction to say that the client can take a quiz after section one, we can do so.)
    13. HuggDotNet LLC has permission to promote the content’s presence on all HuggDotNet
    14. You give permission for HuggDotNet, LLC and its representatives to advertise your content through, but not limited to, email, social media, networking, and print advertising.
    15. You will promote to your audiences that Nonprofit.Courses is hosting or is providing access to your content.
    16. You give HuggDotNet LLC permission to encourage content consumption through electronic badges of accomplishment, certificates, emails, quizzes or other recognition or means.
    17. HuggDotNet LLC may pursue recognition of your content through professional certification agencies, and issue authorized certificates of completion on their behalf.
    18. You give permission for HuggDotNet LLC to provide advice and counsel to you on content production and contents.
    19. HuggDotNet LLC may reject your content for any reason, without explanation.
    20. You understand that any comments made about the content on any website owned or not by HuggDotNet LLC, are the opinions of those making the comments and not the responsibility of HuggDotNet LLC.
    21. HuggDotNet, LLC will take down any content as demanded by any legal authority with proper documentation to make such a request.
    22. Your content is one of many on through Nonprofit.Courses. As such, there is no exclusivity in subject matter. (For example, if your content is on the subject of nonprofit direct mail techniques, it is possible that other content will also appear on Nonprofit.Course on the subject of nonprofit direct mail techniques.)
    23. These terms may change at anytime without notice.


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