Making your Nonprofit is Grant Ready

Successful Grant Development by Howard Walker

1 Lesson / 1 Hour 18 Mins

This FREE course courtesy CharityNetUSA

Nonprofit Expert Howard Walker is back for this vital topic. Join us for a fact-filled webinar zeroing in on the intricacies of the world of grants. How are grants developed and the criteria set for giving a grant. How important is 501c3 status when trying to win a Grant. What do Grant givers look for in the application process. Things to avoid when applying for a grant, and what to include!. There is a method to grant application, which grants are appropriate to apply for. Howard will also give you insight about what a grant writer is looking for from the application as they prepare. All of this information and much more is yours in this FREE webinar

We invite you to spend a valuable hour with CharityNet USA and discover how your nonprofit organization cannot only overcome, but grow during the current economic conditions