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Supercharge Your Virtual Events (Without Breaking the Bank!) by ThankView

Supercharge Your Virtual Events (Without Breaking the Bank!) is FREE courtesy of ThankView

1 Lesson / 59 Minutes / FREE

“Virtual Event” seems to the common new term in the times of COVID. But there remain many questions about to do it right and make it more than “just another zoom meeting”. We here at ThankView are obsessed with improving your use of video, and this area is no exception.

That’s where ThankView’s newest partnership with 5 Tool Productions comes into play. The 5 Tool team can design, produce and live-edit your virtual events and webinars remotely, keeping all the teams safe and saving time by avoiding travel for in-person meetings. Best yet, because of our partnership, you won’t even have to add a new vendor – you can book it all through ThankView.

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