Defining “B2N”

When I say “business-to-business,” chances are you know what I mean. In case you don’t (and there’s no shame in a bit of education), it’s when you, a business, sell your services to another business. In contrast, there’s “business to consumer,” where you sell your services to an end-user. For example, a retail business is a “business to consumer” enterprise. “Business to consumer” is often called “B2C” and “business to business” is known as “B2B.”
Are you a B2B business? You’re selling your services to another organizational entity, in effect, a business, right? Still, there’s something not quite the same. Yes, you’re selling to a “business,” but it’s not a typical business organization. It’s a nonprofit, which often looks like a business from the outside, has many of the same functions as a business on the inside, but whose mission and purpose is very different than the local drugstore down the street, or accounting firm next door.
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