Fundraising Pathfinder Part II: Knowing Your Path to Exceed Your Goals

In Fundraising Pathfinder Part I, you learned where you really stand in your fundraising. Now use the brand new automated, AI-driven fundraising program profiler to learn how ready you are to launch on expansive goals and how you get there.

You must attend live, to take the Pathfinder. If you weren’t able to attend Part I, you’ll still be able to take the Pathfinder to get the full experience.

Fundaising Pathfinder Part I: Know the Health of Your Fundraising Program

Experience the brand new, totally automated, AI-driven fundraising program profiler. Get the real story on your fundraising in five minutes or less:
How sustainable are my current revenue streams?
How resilient is my fundraising to economic downturns?
How quickly can my program scale? How fast can it grow?

You must attend live, to take the Pathfinder.