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Mark McCurdy, Nonprofit Career Coach

Mark McCurdy is Chief Purpose Officer and Founder of Careers for Purpose and the Nonprofit Career Coach, a boutique company helping job-seekers, social enterprises and nonprofit organizations fulfill their missions. He’s also author of Strategic Volunteering: 50 ingredients to transform your life and career.

As an inspiring leader, in-demand speaker, trainer and one of the first nonprofit career coaches in the country, Mark has helped over 4000 professionals accelerate their nonprofit careers and has also assisted nonprofit organizations in unearthing skilled human capital. Mark has the unique experience of working in the nonprofit, for-profit and social impact sector and brings this knowledge to his clients.

In 2008, Mark founded the Nonprofit Career Coach & Careers for Purpose with the goal of “connecting the brightest hearts and minds with the best nonprofits.” He is dedicated to serving idealistic, responsible job seekers who want to have a positive impact in their community.  The Nonprofit Career Coach provides strategic one-on-one career coaching, mentoring, workshops and training to job seekers who want help to accelerate their nonprofit and social impact career.

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Virtual Donor Cultivation Events: How to design meaningful and interactive virtual experiences online on Zoom to boost your fundraising!

Virtual Donor Cultivation Events is a training designed for fundraisers and organizational leaders…

…who are looking for innovative ways to engage donors online and to create virtual donor experiences.

Because: Covid-19 has radically changed the way we work as fundraisers and nonprofit leaders. 2020/21 will be marked by this global pandemic and the need for social distancing; restrictions and concerns for public health and safety will continue to inform how we meet and engage with our most loyal supporters and major funders. 

What do you do without in-person parlor meetings, cocktail parties, donor briefings, and even donor mission trips? Webinars alone will not suffice to bring donors into the conversation, to build loyalty to your organization, and create social connections.

The Answer: Interactive Virtual Donor Cultivation Events on Zoom!

Tanja Sarett CFRE photo

Tanja Sarett CFRE

In this training, I will introduce you to live virtual alternatives to your thoughtfully crafted in-person cultivation events where personal connections can be made and future giving decisions formed.

I will invite you to imagine new ways of involving your donors beyond webinars and video conferencing. And, I will show you how to actively engage your donors in the experience, as opposed to just providing a lovely well-produced video or panel discussion for them to watch.

Learn together with other fundraising professionals how to overcome the inherent challenge of geographic distance and the virtuality of being online.  Explore the possibilities for using the virtual space and Zoom to engage your donors and prospects. And seize the opportunity to set your organization apart by doing something new and exciting. Learn how to be an innovator by boosting your fundraising today!

You Will Be Leaving This Training With 

  • Powerful ideas for meaningful and engaging live virtual donor cultivation events

  • Energizing opportunities for building community and increasing donor affiliation

  • Practical tips for setting your virtual donor events up for success

  • Hands-on tools to lead your live online events with ease and joy

  • Liberating Structures virtual facilitation tools to engage donors

  • Inspiration for setting your organization apart in unprecedented times

  • Lots of tips on how to leverage Zoom breakout rooms and chat

  • Connections with new colleagues 


Q&A with Kimmi Cantrell, Managing Director, Careers in Nonprofits

Kimmi Cantrell, Careers in Nonprofits

Q&A with Kimmi Cantrell

Be a part of the live audience for this Q&A with Kimmi Cantrell, Managing Director with the staffing and recruiting firm Careers in Nonprofits.

We’ll talk about

  • What is the #1 action someone should take to get a job in a nonprofit?
  • Does someone need to have worked in a nonprofit before to get a nonprofit job?
  • What’s the best way that someone from the business or government sector prepare themselves for a nonprofit job?
  • What are the steps you take to identify good candidates for a client?
  • How should a job seeker to make themselves known to you or other recruiters?

and lots more!

This event is a part of the Great Careers/BENG Nonprofit Career Network subgroup.

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(Non-members will be asked for a $5 fee upon registration – or join the Great Careers for $35 per year for unlimited presentations and lots of job seeking resources.)