Developing Marketing Plans & Budgets for Nonprofits

You’re more effective when you have a plan.

Ever wished you’d started that mailing a month earlier? Tired of planning and promoting programs two weeks before they’re supposed to happen? Want to see the budget go to initiatives that actually move your organization forward?

This live class is taught by nonprofit marketers, for nonprofit marketers.

No matter how big (or small) your team or your budget, you’ll get everything you need to make the most of your resources and lead your organization to success with a strategic marketing plan.

In just 90 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • The stages of a marketing plan—and the exact tactics that go with each
  • The “sandwich exercise” you can use to match ideas to your budget, skills, and time
  • 5 keys to developing a marketing plan you’ll actually use—and get results from—all year
  • The three jobs of a marketing plan (and why you need all three to get results)
  • What to “promote” when you’re between event or program promotions
  • Efficient ways to plan and organize projects so that they get done on time and on budget
  • Powerful tools to make you more effective in your role and keep things from falling through the cracks
  • The critical resource that will set you behind if you don’t build it into your marketing budget

Unlike many marketing classes, this one is not pre-recorded, so you have the opportunity to participate, ask questions, and share ideas and experiences with your instructor and fellow students!

What you get with this class:

  • One login for live class
  • Access to the recording of the class for one month
  • A class summary for easy reference
  • Helpful worksheets and templates to execute what you learn