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From No Grants to Grant Ready

Does this describe you?……..

You’re anxious to apply for a new grant but stuck because you don’t know where to start first.

You find yourself scurrying for information every time you have to write a new grant proposal.

You have a great program but you’re struggling to clearly communicate your plans on paper.

The grant writing process is intimidating and makes your head hurt!

If you have every felt that way, then breathe a sigh of relief.

There IS an easy solution for you. Take Boss on a Budget®’s FREE 7-day challenge to prepare you the RIGHT way for your next grant.

Many folks jump into grant writing without doing the necessary groundwork and find themselves lost and consumed by the process. Instead of spinning in circles, take this 7 day challenge to get yourself organized.

For the next 7 days a few things will happen:

You will receive an email with a video and assignment.

Once you’ve completed the assignment, join us in our Facebook Group to list the answer to your assignment for feedback. Be sure to use the #grantreadiness hashtag.

At the end of your next week, you will be more organized and feel WAY more capable when approaching your next grant proposal. Sign up now!

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