Tapping Into Your Online Community To Amplify Your Donations, by Elevation

Tapping Into Your Online Community To Amplify Your Donations is FREE courtesy of Elevation

Today, your supporters are hyper-connected, live inside personal feeds, support causes over institutions, and prioritize recommendations from friends when choosing organizations to support.

These shifts make your job as a fundraiser tough. However, nonprofits of all sizes and a diverse range of causes have leaned into these shifts and are using peer-to-peer to enhance their fundraising efforts.

Recorded in October 2019, this webinar with Noah Barnett from CauseVox highlights proven tactics uncovered from analyzing thousands of peer-to-peer fundraising efforts—including events, giving days, annual funds, and corporate partnerships. You’ll see how peer-to-peer has evolved. What has been proven to work. And what doesn’t.

After the webinar, you’ll be able to…

  • Identify opportunities to leverage peer-to-peer across your fundraising efforts, including year-end, donor cultivation, and corporate partnerships.
  • See creative examples of how small to large nonprofits from a diverse range of sectors are seeing growth with peer-to-peer.
  • Plan a successful peer-to-peer campaign, recruit supporters to fundraise, and mobilize fundraisers to raise more.

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