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Tax Treatment of Charitable Fundraising, by Lorman

Tax Treatment of Charitable Fundraising is brought to you by Lorman

You are generating revenue through multiple channels; identify and prevent the implications of the tax traps waiting for you.

Charitable fundraising is a rapidly developing area. There is more and more pressure on organizations to find new sources of funding and every organization should consider all the options available to them. Of course, nothing is as easy as it seems. With each type of charitable fundraising there is a lot happening under the surface that the public never sees. Trying to copy what some organization down the street is doing just by mimicking what you see from the outside is dangerous. Develop a broad understanding of the federal and state laws, regulations and reporting requirements for several charitable fundraising techniques ranging from the simple, (cash contribution reporting), to the exotic, (commercial co-ventures and crowdfunding). As you move into the future of charitable fundraising, be sure you know the rules so you can move forward with confidence.

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