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Team-Based Service: Establishing a Consistent and Positive Team Image, by Lorman

Team-Based Service: Establishing a Consistent and Positive Team Image is brought to you by Lorman

Learn a quality and effective team-based approach to better serve your customers.

“A rising tide raises all ships.” This quote from John F. Kennedy exemplifies the power of great teamwork. When a team serves its customers rather than the individuals on the team, the customer’s experience with the organization is enriched. Today, teamwork is the single greatest advantage any organization can have in this complex and ever-changing environment, making teamwork more vital than almost any time in history. In this topic Gregg illustrates the how as well as the why a team-based approach to customer service will wow your customers. Understanding that today’s changing business landscape, along with rapidly changing technology, it is next to impossible to stay on top of everything for every customer. When a customer reaches out, you may view their insignificant problem as minor and be tempted to treat it as such. Regardless of how minor it may appear to you, in their eyes, it is enormous, and every team member’s approach should always reflect that. Many organizations have adopted a tiered service model for their customers. While, on the surface, this might appear to work effectively for some, many customers find themselves bouncing from person to person without any satisfactory solution to their issue, resulting in frustration, dissatisfaction, and a negative image of the organization. With Gregg’s team-based approach the customer is satisfied more quickly, effectively, and efficiently, ultimately providing them a wow experience.

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