Tell Your Story Right--Create a Compelling Case for Support

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Learn How to Successfully Attract Donors to Your Cause by Effectively Telling Your Nonprofit’s Story

Can your organization do more to attract donors?

Do your website, promotional communications, elevator speech, etc. reach their potential in telling your story in a way that attracts donors?

Linda LysakowskiYou’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about storytelling lately. But do you have the right story to tell? Most nonprofits do not have an up-to-date, written case for support. This is the starting point; without it, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to consistently and effectively tell a compelling story across all of its communications with potential supporters.

Let me help you not only tell your story but also to develop the right story to tell.

I’ve developed this course to help you create a case for support that will help you tell your story and get you the support your organization needs. You will learn:

  • What a case for support is;
  • Why you need a compelling, carefully crafted case for support;
  • What the components of an effective case for support are;
  • Who should write the case for support;
  • Where to find the information you need to construct a case for support;
  • How to dramatically increase fundraising results by tailoring your case for support for different fundraising constituencies; and
  • How to test your case for support before finalizing it.

If you want to learn how to successfully tell your nonprofit’s story so that you are attracting donors to your cause…

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