The 30 Minute Fast-Tracked Grant Writing Course

The 30 Minute Fast-Tracked Grant Writing Course

This course brought to you courtesy of Holly Rustick

1 Lesson / 40 minutes / $47

A 30-minute, step-by-step approach to writing a grant application!

  • Do you want to learn how to write a grant QUICKLY?
  • Do longer grant writing courses make you yawn?
  • Do you want a clear system to win funding?

Writing grants can feel like a chore!

If you want super succinct tips that have proven to win millions of dollars, then get this course! Take the multiple hours of the equation and get the basics NOW!

All in the time it take to watch a 30-minute sitcom! 

This course will save you HOURS of time, AND position your nonprofit for grant success!

Because you’ve got a nonprofit to run or a grant writing business to launch! 

WE GO build efficient systems…so you can increase your funding.



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