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The Anatomy of the fundraising Ask, by Supporting World Hope

The Anatomy of the fundraising Ask is FREE courtesy of Supporting World Hope

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Asking for money can be scary and awkward for many people. Some even consider asking for money a little taboo. But if you are going to be in the nonprofit world you must learn to make the ask. The best way to do that is to educate yourself and practice, practice, practice. First, not every ask is for money. As you look over your organization’s contacts you may see several people who can make a significant in-kind contribution to your organization. Or you may see several people who need to become more familiar with your organization. They need to be cultivated before they will give. For these people, the ask is not for money but for their time or talent. For example, you may ask them to come to an event or to sit in on a round table discussion. Whether you are asking from time, talent, or treasure the anatomy of the ask is still the same.

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