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The Art of Being A Good Manager: Part 1: Traits and Skills in the New Normal

April 13 @ 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

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In today’s volatile economic environment and business world, the art of managing has taken on a new meaning. Remote work, co-sourcing and alternating working arrangements have made the task of managing more complex. Management has never been easy. Even with hundreds of available resources, being in a management role can feel like stepping off a cliff with no lifeline when you are unprepared.

Now, more than ever, managers are responsible for the well-being, production and success of a team of people. This can be dauting if anything goes wrong or when change abruptly hits. What sets the great boss apart from the average boss? What do great managers actually do?
Whether you have held a management position for several years or are just transitioning to a management role, you will find that becoming and remaining a good manager is often an art rather than a science.

This session explores the goals and traits of managers as we enter the age of the new normal. We will first focus on the special requirement created by the new normal. We will end with the best practice skills and traits identified through research as long-term manager traits.

Who Should Attend
Accounting, Finance, Treasury professionals; Internal auditors; Professionals considering the role of internal audit; Executive management; Board members and Audit Committee members; Legal and Compliance professionals; and All professionals in a corporate or private setting.

Topics Covered

  • Goals and traits of managers
  • The special requirement created by the new normal
  • Best practice skills and traits identified through research as long-term manager traits


Learning Objectives

  • Identify how the the “new normal” has impacted management and examine the concept of a “playbook”
  • Identify the traits and skills that make a good manager in the new normal
  • Recognize how to examine how to turn good managers into great managers
  • Describe the must have qualities for being a great manager
  • Identify how the changing workforce impacts how good and great managers can execute their traits and skills


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