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The Ask Without Fear!® DVD Fundraising System

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If your board members (or you!) are afraid, it can be frustrating to know you could be raising more money, but aren’t! Especially when they won’t even introduce you to the people they know! You’re not alone. Marc A. Pitman travels around the globe, helping nonprofit boards and teams get over their fears about fundraising. In these trainings, Marc demystifies the fundraising process. He shows how even volunteers can have fun in the process of fundraising!

Marc’s gone into the studio to condense his training onto a DVD-length series of videos you can share with your board or team. Broken up into short “question and answer” segments, you can watch this straight through in one sitting, or just a little bit at a time. He walks you through each step of successful fundraising, giving you the tools to use, the words to say, and the inspiration you’ll need to raise all your cause deserves. There’s even a video of him talking to your board, explaining an exercise designed to get them to open their contact lists to your organization! By the time your board members have finished watching the DVD they’ll be saying “Hey, I can do that!”