The Canadian Online Fundraising Scorecard with Brady Josephson, by NextAfter

The Canadian Online Fundraising Scorecard with Brady Josephson is a FREE course courtesy of NextAfter

1 Lesson / 65 Minutes / FREE

How does my organization compare to others? That’s one of the most commonly asked questions we get and just one of the many questions we answered for you with The Canadian Online Fundraising Scorecard.

In this webinar, Brady Josephson shares what he learned by signing up for the email lists of and donating to 152 Canadian charities. While donating, we analyzed 29 different items in each charity’s online giving funnel. Finally, we scored the timing and content of the charity’s thank-you communications. Based on the research, you’ll see:

– The biggest mistakes on donation pages.
– The largest areas of opportunity in the email signup process.
– How you can best stand out from other organizations in a crowded donor inbox.

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