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The Dark Side of Customer Service, by Lorman

The Dark Side of Customer Service is brought to you by Lorman

Customer service has its ups and downs, learn and understand how to make the best out of the customer service experience and how to avoid the “dark side” of customer service.

Customer Service is the nexus for sales and marketing to gel in order to create a profitable organization. The organization exists because of the customer. Without them the lights do not operate, employees are unpaid and brand does not prosper. Unfortunately, so many organizations miss the mark on this crucial business point. Many leaders talk about important aspects of customer service but are you aware there is a dark side? Are you aware of the issues that no one seems to talk about at the water cooler or in the breakroom? Schedule a few moments of your day and invest time understanding the “Dark Side of Customer Service”. Come on this journey and explore the secrets and issues no one really discusses. Invest time understanding the issues to help your company overcome issues and create new opportunity. Working customer service like a gourmet meal. You have to have the right ingredients that quickly harmonize with each other. The ingredients include the proper organizational culture, structures that support clients and mechanisms to ensure the proper experience. When you eat at a great restaurant you exclaim it to others. When you have a bad meal you also do the same. The dark side of customer service shares the stories that break an organization, ruin brand and harm future revenues. Take a few moments of your day to understand the issues, make changes in your company and create a bright and everlasting future.

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