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The Forms Nonprofits Forget to File, by Nonprofit Utopia

The Forms Nonprofits Forget to File is FREE courtesy of Nonprofit Utopia

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When you start your nonprofit organization, it is so easy to focus on filing forms to establish your organization, and then start on your application for tax-exempt status. There is a very strong possibility that you didn’t know about the other forms you need to fill out so that your organization can start out on strong footing. You are not alone. This is very common for new organizations–and some established organizations.

You would be surprised at how many organizations there are that have been in operation for years without knowing all the forms they need to complete. Sometimes they find out the hard way–by finding out they need to pay payroll taxes or unemployment insurance premiums. In worst case scenarios, their organizations could lose tax-exempt status or be involuntarily dissolved by the state.

Join us as we give you an overview of all the forms you need to complete and when.

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